Features of CLIP :

  • Entry/Maintenance of criminal/traffic cases
  • Financial Assessment, Case Payment
  • Journal Updates
  • Multiple Case Updates
  • Paperless Warrants
  • Document Imaging
  • In Courtroom Data Entry
  • Bookkeeping Functions
  • Motion Tracking
  • Bond
  • File Tracking
  • Queries
  • Protection Orders
  • Expungement of Cases
  • Search Warrants
  • Reports
  • On·Demand Forms
  • Program Security
  • Batch Processing & Reporting:
    • Supreme Court
    • BMV
    • BCI & I
    • Warrant Block
    • Collections

Case Log Information Process (CLIP) manages and tracks criminal and traffic case activity from filing to final disposition. It maintains violations and charges, financials, participants, events, court activity, motions and sentence/disposition throughout the life of the case.

Case searches are available using a variety of parameters. Multiple reports exist providing such information as case schedules, dockets, appearance lists, attorney schedules, case proceedings, case financials, recidivism, violations and sentencing.

CLIP is the sole origin of the ‘paperless warrant’ which generates the most automated and integrated warrant system available.

CLIP is fully integrated with other criminal justice applications to streamline and minimize duplication of data entry and maintenance. Applications that interface with CLIP via internal and external components include Inmate Records (IR), Warrants, LEADS, Protection Orders, Case Assignment and Tracking System (CATS), and Probation.

Case Log Information Processing (CLIP)

A full·function court records management system, capable of handling criminal and traffic cases. The software allows staff to easily identify each judge’s caseload, track case flow through the court, and note any cases that may have been delayed. Each case can be followed from the time of filing through the time of disposal. Most text for journal entries is generated by the system and where required manually entered case data is supported. All financial aspects of the case are recorded, including funds owed, payments made, and disbursal of funds. Additional features include bond tracking and the ability to generate financial reports. A wide variety of case management and statistical reports are available and custom reports can be created in conjunction with Crystal Writer software. CLIP supports an in·courtroom data entry process allowing near real·time updating of the journal. Many everyday court functions have been automated in the application, including case jacket tracking, form generation, and reporting to Ohio BMV, BCI & I and Supreme Court. CLIP also supports the automatic push of citation data into the NORIS database for any agency using Ohio’s Department of Public Safety software.

CLIP’s paperless warrant function is the most advanced warrant issuing system available. The integration of the NORIS system makes it possible for a warrant generated by the court to be made available electronically to law enforcement personnel, eliminating double entry and speeding service. All new warrants are checked against the Inmate Records (IR) application to determine if the individual is currently in custody. Once the warrant is served, the court journal is automatically updated, further reducing paperwork and data entry.