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For nearly forty years, NORIS has been deploying solutions for law enforcement, courts, probation and corrections. Serving as the centralized repository for criminal justice information in Northwest Ohio, NORIS offers a comprehensive variety of products and services to manage and improve data quality, data sharing, data integration, identity management and cross agency/jurisdiction work flow.

Integration is the key to the success of NORIS. The system links law enforcement, courts, probation, corrections, and related criminal justice applications through a Regional Identifier (RID) allowing information sharing among agencies and applications supporting the automation of many routine processes. Integrating information allows the user to track an offender’s progress throughout the entire criminal justice system. While integration is a cornerstone, each NORIS application is designed to function as a stand-alone system.

Access control is based both on user and terminal/PC role-based security supporting any security model required by a client. The shared services enable a single sign·on to access all of the NORIS applications and interfaces and in many cases third-party tools can be integrated into the single sign·on model.

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NORIS operates a Criminal History Record Checks office to provide government, business, and private individuals with criminal history reports to be used for the purpose of determining eligibility in the areas of employment, rental agreements, childcare, elder care, and enlistment in the armed services. The information provided is public record and complies with state and federal data privacy laws. A standard Criminal History Record Check can be purchased, as well as a State of Ohio or FBI Fingerprint Webcheck. Customers may request record checks either via FAX or in person during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Click here to download a copy of the form. For additional information or contact us at 567.200.6839.

Mobile Data Computer

(MDC) platform designed for a quick and efficient access to actionable information in a mobile environment. LEADS, NCIC and local databases responses are color coded for quick visual reference. MDC supports hands free navigation through interactive voice response (IVR) and a text-to-speech feature for reading query response.



LEADS provides a repository of data available statewide and interfaces to the NCIC and NLETS systems. The LEADS Interface is a user-friendly, front-end application used to interface NORIS with LEADS. Law enforcement, courts, and prosecutors can query on driving records, vehicle ownership, stolen property, missing persons, warrants, and parole status. Driver’s license images and criminal histories can also be viewed. Message switching functions provide the capability of sending criminal justice oriented messages to other criminal justice agencies within the state and throughout the county.


Computer Record System

(CRS) is used by law enforcement agencies to record and manage incident reports, citations, accidents, and vehicle tows. All data is centrally located and can be accessed immediately. Use of a common database allows for information sharing among member departments.