Computer Records System

A police officer writing a report in their vehicle

The Computer Records System (CRS) is used by law enforcement agencies to record and manage incident reports, citations, accidents, and vehicle tows. All data related to an event is centrally located and can be accessed immediately. Use of a common database allows for information sharing among member departments.

Many routine tasks are automated, freeing staff for other duties. The system features accurate and automated CLERY and NIBRS reporting, LEADS transaction generation, record expungement, and global crosscheck edits to validate separate elements of the crime report. Agency defaults for city, state, and zip code allow for ease of record entry. A special “stolen vehicle” entry screen streamlines the entry of these reports.

An incident management module tracks investigative actions associated with the crime report. By linking individuals with a significant relationship to each other, CRS aids in the development of evidentiary tools during the criminal investigation. Integration with Web Portal software provides a variety of real·time analytic reports that can be extracted for public web display. The system interfaces with both the Lucas County Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System and NORIS (CAD) System and includes traffic citation, property room, and crime analysis modules.

Planned CRS enhancements include integration with in·car reporting, a field interview report module, a house check module, and Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping.

Seamless Integration

CRS offers complete integration with other NORIS Applications and facilitates multi·jurisdictional information sharing. Integrated with the NORIS RegionWise, e·Forms, Field Reporting, Jail, Warrant, Protection Order and Court. This integration makes CRS the right choice for both information sharing and process integration. Data entered into CRS become instantaneously accessible and actionable across all member jurisdictions and applications.


  • Executive dashboard enables agencies to identify trends
  • Integrated design eliminates data entry redundancy
  • Integrated with in·car reporting
  • Investigations are more efficient with access to shared data
  • NORIS is OIBRS certified since 2003
  • Officer productivity is increased with streamlined record keeping
  • Officer safety and timely response are improved with easy retrieval of vital information
  • Reporting to state and federal agencies is automated
  • Statistical reports are generated in minutes

CRS Key Features

Increased Productivity

  • Agency defaults for city, state and zip code to allow for ease of record entry
  • Automatic generation of NORIS and LEADS transactions
  • Automatic push of LexisNexis crash data into Accident database
  • Comprehensive search tools
  • Custom entry screens to increase officer productivity
  • Global crosscheck edits to validate separate elements of the crime report
  • Links related individuals to aid in the development of evidentiary tools during the criminal investigation

Automated Reporting

  • Accident reports
  • Accurate and automated CLERY and NIBRS reporting
  • Cross·referencing of multiple crime reports
  • Field interview reports
  • Integrated in·car reporting
  • Report mapping

Monitoring & Management

  • Enhanced property room management
  • House check and special site monitoring
  • Incident management to track investigative actions associated with a crime report

Integrated Modules

  • Towed vehicle module
  • Traffic citation module

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