Regional Identifier (RID)

The Regional Identifier (RID) stores all identifying information about a person and links that information across applications and agencies. RIDs are used to link arrest records, warrants, protection orders, court cases, jail records, criminal histories, and photos.

By using this unique identifier, agencies are better able to maintain and validate the integrity of data. The RID system eliminates the need to re·enter data or to verify data using identifiers that may be associated with more than one person, such as name or date of birth.

Data such as names, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, and other identifiers, as well as computer records from other agencies, are brought together under RID and linked to one individual. By using a unique identifier across multiple agencies and applications, all available information can be easily accessed and reported. Each time the person is involved within NORIS, the RID is updated with new identifying information and activity.

Priority and Prolific Offender Reporting

NORIS offers as an extension of the RID module a Priority and Prolific Offender (PPO) Reporting tool. This tool allows Law Enforcement Agencies, through a series of established algorithms, the ability to flag a person’s RID record that has had an extensive recurring contact with the criminal justice system.