Probation Case Management System (PCMS)

Probation Case Management System (PCMS)

This full·featured system automates the functions of a Probation Department. The system is integrated with the Court’s case management CLIP, RID and criminal history applications. The system auto·generates all letters, forms and correspondence between the Court, probationers and victims.

The Probation Case Management System (PCMS) maintains records for all cases assigned to the probation department. Case information, relationship details, contact information, document management, and schedule management are consolidated into a single highly user·configurable system.

Detailed information for all parties associated with the case is maintained in a central location. Announcements can be quickly constructed and sent. The application is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Appointments scheduled in the Probation application appear automatically in Outlook.

The document management feature includes full·text indexing, document shadowing, and document assembly. Documents or files created by other applications can be easily attached to the case.

A built·in report writer provides flexible user·defined reports, extensive ad·hoc query capability, and the option to distribute reports by e·mail.

Probation Case Management System (PCMS)

The Probation Case Management System tracks information on defendants and cases and is built on a platform that can be extended to accommodate departmental specific workflow or programs. Staff enters data on defendants once and it appears on numerous forms and documents. A calendaring system tracks appointments and schedules single or repeated visits. The system can be queried for any data or event including cases set for court this week, probationers due for release in the next month or probationers with certain charges or officer assignment.

The system can be used for managing specialized services such as community service, electronic monitoring, restitution payment or drug screening. The system can be extended to capture data on custom tabs, a useful feature to support data required for special programs.

  • Single entry of data
  • Custom reports
  • Automated letter generation
  • Automated import of data from CLIP, RID, Kisok
  • Document and report creation pulls data from multiple sources
  • Dynamic query capability
  • Customized for special programs
  • Bar–coding