RegionWISE is the NORIS search engine used to quickly retrieve a summary or detailed information from any or all NORIS databases or external databases. The system initiates information searches based on values that are submitted to various databases, such as IR, CLIP, CRS, Warrant, LEADS, local court data and many more. In short, this application is a single connection point to all NORIS information without the need to log into the individual applications.

All NORIS users can take advantage of the XQuery feature within RegionWISE to retrieve information from those very applications. A prominent feature of the RegionWISE application is the QHS and QHSS queries, which return summarized criminal history information from area courts. QHS is specific to cases at Toledo Municipal Court while the QHSS probes several area courts including Lucas County Common Pleas as well as Maumee, Oregon, Perrysburg and Toledo Municipal Courts. A connection with the LEADS system provides for queries registered within state and national systems. Application security is maintained by requiring permission to process certain queries. Depending upon the type of agency or user access level, queries can be limited to a specific set matching the scope of the organization or request. An individual user within an agency can be granted additional permissions as necessary and allowed by law.

The XQuery feature in RegionWISE also allows for the retention and deletion of existing queries. All results are listed in summary form but once opened, are loaded into an Internet browser for easy reading. Once opened, the results can be manipulated in typical browser fashion (i.e.: saved to a file, printed, e·mailed, or copied and pasted).