A police officer filing a citation on their car’s computer

eCitation software provides an electronic method of capturing traffic tickets on the street. The Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Law Enforcement Information System (OLEIS) created an electronic citation program that is available to law enforcement agencies in Ohio.

Features of eCitation :

  • Officers have the ability to scan a driver’s license to capture defendant data. Data validation occurs in the eCitation application prior to the data being submitted to the court.
  • The OLEIS application can be set up to automatically push the citation data along with a PDF copy of the ticket and any support documents to the local municipal courts, as well as to the state
  • FOR local municipal courts using NORIS court software, an eCitation interface for review and automated case creation is provided. This streamlines ticket entry by the courts.
  • The use of eCitation software by law enforcement and courts increases data accuracy.
  • A NORIS exception report shows which reports have not been electronically delivered to the court.