Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

A dispatch station with multiple monitors and a phone system

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a call·for·service application to capture details, assign resources, log activity and monitor, manage and update incident statuses. The CAD application is configurable, informing the dispatcher of the proper response resources based upon call type and/or priority. CAD interfaces to vehicle GPS units allowing dispatching based on closest officer. CAD is fully integrated with CRS, Warrant, LEADS, MobileWISE and ReportWISE.

Dispatch based on:

  • Call Priority
  • Call Type
  • Call Location
  • Required Resource (Ambulance, Fire, Bomb Squad, K-9 unit, etc.…)

Features of Computer·aided Dispatch :

  • GPS/GIS Integration (mapping of call & unit/officer location)
  • Supports multiple/historical names for locations
  • Dual, three or four monitor configurations supported
  • Multi·jurisdictional — mutual aid support
  • Automated Address Validation, assign beat/reporting area
  • Push call information to MobileWISE
  • Automatically update status between CAD & MobileWISE
  • Drag & drop unit/office assignments
  • Silent Dispatch
  • Interactive unit/officer status
  • Automated logging and notes (streamlines record keeping)
  • Fully customizable screen layout
  • Unit/officer management
  • Query integration with LEADS/NCIC/Warrant & CRS
  • Management Reporting
  • Dispatch status can be made available on any NORIS desktop
  • Review prior call history by:
    • Date
    • Name
    • Location lat·lon query automatically pushed to MobileWISE
    • Prior CAD, CRS Incidents, Warrant and Mugshots